INGATHER Research understands that trust and privacy are two way streets. We trust that you, as a participant, will not discuss the confidential information you may be exposed to during your research experience. In return, INGATHER promises to keep your information confidential and never attempt to sell you anything. Your contact and personal information will be used for the purposes of the particular study you are participating and entered into our database to keep track of future studies you may qualify for. INGATHER will never sell or give your information to any type of third party. We don’t even give your contact information to the client that hired us to perform the research.

From time to time we may ask our participants for permission to use their name or likeness on our website or other marketing collateral. We will never do so without your expressed written permission.

We adhere to high research standards at INGATHER and are members of the MRA (Marketing Research Association) as well as The Society of Sensory Professionals, & other important marketing organizations. To find out more about marketing research, you can visit the MRA website at

Should you have any questions or concerns about or privacy policy, please call our main office at 303-988-6808 or email us at: