No More Head-Banging

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Since last August I’ve been writing blogs for INGATHER Research & Sensory™. The subjects I’ve covered have focused on market research topics and include a fair amount of my personal experiences and opinions along with additional contributor and relevant content. This edition of INGATHER’s blog is also market research driven, but in the spirit of full disclosure, it has an element of self-promotion for our company and the newest technology we can offer our clients immediately.

FocusVision, the online live feed of qualitative and quantitative video has been around for a long time. I’ve personally used it as a client, a moderator and remotely as a report writer. The first time I witnessed FocusVision (FV) in use, I was interested and amused that it mitigated “head-banging.” What do I mean by head-banging? This is a somewhat common practice where a client in the observation room can’t quite see what a respondent is doing, saying or facially expressing. Either the fixed camera or the observer’s seat obfuscates the desired angle the observer needs or doesn’t deliver the level of detail desired. The traditional solution: he or she re-positions them-self behind the mirror and sometimes leans in so close their head bangs against the glass. I have witnessed head-banging on a number of occasions. I’ve personally seen head-banging from the observation side and on a few occasions have heard it sitting in the moderator’s chair. BONK! Then all at once, the respondents turn toward the almost-forgotten-mirror.

FV360 Live to the rescue.

INGATHER Research & Sensory prides itself in being The Leader in Market Research In-Context™. We have been on the cutting edge of market research technologies for years and are really excited and delighted to be one of the first facilities in the country to offer FV360 Live, a huge advance in market research technology. Take a quick tour of FV360 Live here:  FV360 Live. Learn how you and your clients can become immersed in the session. Also, learn how the results of the data gathered are uploaded to FV Insights for ease in producing comprehensive reports that just crush it.

The new Gold Standard qualitative equation:

You + FV360 Live + INGATHER = The Most Advanced Marketing Research Tools Possible.

And the best part? No more head-banging!!


By: Bob Chapin, CEO

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