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To wrap up an extremely successful Denver Startup Week with over 18,000 attendees, INGATHER Research & Sensory™ hosted the lecture “Amplifying Agency Growth for the Current Content Marketing Landscape” during happy hour on Friday, September 30th.

Almost 100 marketing professionals gathered to hear experts Steve Pockross CEO of Blogmutt, BJ Enoch VP of Enterprise Accounts at Social SEO, and Robert Keosheyan President & Founder of Denver BrandWorks discuss their perspectives and insights on content marketing.

Steve Pockross opened the presentation with the compelling story of infomercials.  His case study showed with the invention of cable TV in the 1980’s, infomercials became an explosive new industry created from a brand new media channel. Through infomercials, marketing agencies led the change to innovate new approaches. Pockross smartly pinpointed four infomercial techniques that can be used to create engaging and dynamic content for digital marketing. This includes the use of repetition, testimonials, case studies, and the copy writing principle of problem-agitate-solve.

BJ Enoch followed by cleverly explaining some of the opposition to content marketing he has experienced. He found companies were reluctant to use content marketing because it does not sound “sexy” enough to be compelling or it did not look as appealing as images. He transitioned to all the benefits content marketing provides with quick answers, internal linking, keyword support, dwell time, bounce rate, crawl frequency and indexation, domain referrals, and conversation starters. Enoch found quality content alone caused an increase in organic traffic, checkout completions, and overall revenue.

Robert Keosheyan finished up the presentation by distinguishing quality content with the Unicorn Theory. The Unicorn Theory shows that most of the value comes from a tiny fraction of content. For example, out of 300 posts created only 8 were unicorns. A “unicorn” is not just well written, but also generates traffic justified by concrete data analytics. In order to create more unicorns, Keosheyan believes content creators should write at least 4 blogs a week. And when a unicorn is identified, it needs to be repurposed in as many ways possible.

Although each presentation offered different insights, the overall message was the same. Content, content, content! The foundation and future of digital marketing is quality content.

This Denver Start Up Week session was held at INGATHER Research & Sensory’s Downtown Denver facility, home to Unsalted Crackers, INGATHER’s sensory study location equipped with a full commercial kitchen and functioning bar.

Hopefully more unicorns will be created after this presentation.

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