wordcloudMarketing Research In-Context

At INGATHER, we are all about Marketing Research In-Context®.  We believe that putting the right people, in the right environment, makes all the difference. We cater to each client’s needs, by providing fully adaptable rooms specifically tailored to each project. If you are developing a hardwood floor cleaner, use it in a real home. If you are testing a new menu item, show and test it in a real restaurant. The in-context possibilities are endless. A comfortable, in-context setting allows respondents to open up and give honest feedback without the fear and anxiety a ‘fish-bowl’ setting offers.  It’s more ‘real’ and leads to deeper insight for better decision making.


Equally important, we believe that the quality of research results is directly related to the respondent screening process.  It’s not about getting bodies in chairs…it’s about getting the right  respondents in the perfect environment for the research. In other words, “We don’t just recruit…we scout! There is a difference!”


Last but certainly not least, INGATHER boasts technology not seen in any facility in the world. With a state-of-the-art Polycom A/V system not seen at other facilities, providing crystal clear 1080i video deliverables, INGATHER has the in-house technology you need for a successful research project. All rooms feature in-context HD closed circuit viewing, while several feature traditional two-way mirrors, or view remotely with Focusvision. Regardless, your team leaves our facilities with the highest quality A/V, delivered via FTP upload, SD card, flash drive, or good ol’ fashioned DVD’s.