Employee Spotlight for DSW: Christine Cook, Founder/Owner/ President

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In honor of Denver Startup Week, INGATHER would like to give a shout out to our very own entrepreneur, our founder and owner Christine Cook.

After a successful cooperate career as a Vice President and Researcher at Cox Communications, Christine thought the market research industry needed some revamping. As a true research visionary, Christine founded INGATHER Research and Sensory, the industry’s first adaptable focus group, ideation and sensory facility company, on December 8th, 2001. She believes that research should be done in the right environment with fresh respondents, thus she created the industry’s go to for “Marketing Research In-Context”.

Once in a research study, Christine believes respondents need to feel relaxed and at ease in order to be comfortable enough to give their unbiased opinion. At INGATHER, this means modifying the environment so that the respondents feel “at home;” moving away from the sterile room setting with the two-way mirror to a more casual setting. The research experience is more enjoyable for respondents and more rewarding for clients with deeper insight and truer research results in an environment that more closely resembles a natural setting.

As many know “starting up” is never easy, especially when your vision challenges the norm. It is human nature to resist change, so Christine’s greatest challenge has been getting clients to accept INGATHER’s unique position on in-context research.

INGATHER’S mission of ethical and thorough research came into the spotlight when the President of the Better Business Bureau nominated INGATHER for the CEBA, Colorado Ethics Business Award. Christine sites winning this award as a career highlight.

Christine is a proud Colorado small business owner and feels honored to be a woman in business. #womenwhorise

Blog written by Karis Reiter, Community Manager


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