George Orwell, Kellyanne Conway and Alternative Facts

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As professional market researchers we spend our careers searching for truth, the truth. We seek opinions, facts, obscure data-sets – the essential and mission critical magic dust that our clients demand in order to make complex, yet finely targeted decisions. The search for the truth can be a bit dodgy at times. What is truth? […]

Market Research’s “Classic” Miss

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Market Research’s “Classic” Miss

Throughout my market research career, I’ve conducted many qualitative and quantitative studies including a fair share of hybrids. To the benefit of both my clients and me, my studies have been successful and have provided my clients with reliable data and analysis. But not all market research studies or research professionals have been as fortunate as I […]

Mark Cuban Disses Market Research

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As professionals in the market research industry, I feel safe in saying that all of us are convinced of the benefits we provide our clients or companies. For many of us, it’s a never-ending search for a special piece of data or an unusual, yet highly useful opinion that can truly change the fortunes of […]

Leveraging the Sidetrack

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Leveraging the Sidetrack

One of the activities most frequently included in those lists of traits and practices “successful people” apply in their daily business is the rule of moving a document just once. Read it once, act on it, then move it to wherever it needs to go next in the business process (e.g. outbox, save to your […]

It’s the Season for Giving

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It’s the Season for Giving

The holiday season is a traditional time of year for spiritual affirmation by followers of a number of World religions. Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Pagans all worship during this time of year. While many are celebrating their religion’s holiday, most of us are also saying goodbye to the old year and setting goals and […]

Are Algorithms Choking Recruiting?

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Last week we took a look at how extensive and complicated surveys can impede the recruiting process and ultimately degrade the quality of a project’s recruitment. This week we turn to algorithms to see what impact they can have on qualitative studies and if there are any possible solutions to mitigate the negative influences they […]

Are Screeners Choking Recruiting?

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This week’s blog is the first of a multi-part series addressing the challenges the qualitative research industry faces in the recruitment of highly qualified respondents. Part two will appear next week.   A few weeks ago we had a breakfast meeting with a longtime colleague/friend of INGATHER who operates qualitative facilities elsewhere and who was […]

Thanksgiving – A Time to INGATHER

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Thanksgiving – A Time to INGATHER

The name of our company is INGATHER Research & Sensory. The word INGATHER was coined by our company’s founder to set a tone that would resonate throughout the organization. INGATHER’s connotation – to bring together, to join with others, to celebrate the unity of being part of the human race. Thanksgiving is our company’s opportunity […]

Apocalypse Now Redux: Political Polling

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Apocalypse Now Redux: Political Polling

In last week’s column I addressed the issue of whether data died the night of the presidential election, a statement made the next day by political consultant Mike Murphy. I posited a couple of reasons that contributed to the surprising result: Donald Trump winning the Electoral College and decisively beating Hillary Clinton. They were the […]

Did the Election Kill Political Polling?

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This week’s election of Donald J. Trump to be the 45th president of the United States turned pollsters, political pundits, main street media and half our county’s population upside down. As Election Day drew closer Trump’s supporters soldiered on as good soldiers do, even though they questioned the feasibility of a win given polls showing […]

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