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A Confluence of Urban Brick-And-Mortar Meets Comfort and Functionality
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Bee Room

Elephant Room

Turtle Room


Whether it’s new menu item testing, a beverage triangle test or a product party, the industry’s first “Reality Research Restaurant & Bar™”, “Unsalted Crackers™” can handle all your in-context sensory needs.

Traditional taste test/CLT’s are also a big part of what Denver’s first dedicated sensory and testing facility does day to day.  Equipped with both consumer and commercial kitchens as well as break-out focus group rooms, it’s the ideal space for testing both qual and quant.

    • Sensory Room: Seats 50+
    • Sensory Room Dimensions: 63’ x 20’
    • Breakout Rooms: Seats 20+
    • Dimensions: 30’x 17’
  • Bronco - Group Room 1
  • Consumer Test Kitchen 1
  • Consumer Test Kitchen 2
  • Consumer Test Kitchen 3
  • Table Tennis 2
  • Unsalted Crackers 1
  • Unsalted Crackers 4

Bee Room

With a closed circuit viewing set-up, the Bee Room creates a comfortable environment without the intrusive nature of a two-way mirror. With top-of-the-line HD camera technology, you will experience crystal clear viewing; sharper and more crisp than looking through a mirror. The Bee Room is by far our most requested room!

  • Viewing Room: Seats 12
  • Group Room: Seats 14+
  • Dimensions: 30’x 17’
  • Bee - Group Room 1
  • Bee - Group Room 2
  • Bee - Group Room 3
  • Bee - Viewing Room 1
  • Bee - Viewing Room 2

Elephant Room

Also equipped with crystal clear closed circuit viewing, the Elephant Room is as in-context and as flexible as it gets in a traditional office setting. Choose your viewing style: traditional, café, living room, or rock, swivel and recline.

  • Viewing Room: Seats 10
  • Group Room: Seats 9
  • Dimensions: 20’x 12’
  • Elephant - Group Room 1
  • Elephant - Group Room 3
  • Elephant - Group Room 4

Turtle Room

Turtle is perfect for the ‘research voyeurs’ out there. While Turtle is as flexible as Elephant, we recommend a comfortable living room set up. Have the best of the in-context experience or the tradition of the two-way mirror; this room has both.

  • Viewing Room: Seats 10
  • Group Room: Seats 10
  • Dimensions: 20’x 12’
  • Turtle - Group Room 1
  • Turtle - Group Room 3
  • Turtle - Group Room 5
  • Turtle - Viewing Room 1
  • Turtle - Viewing Room 2
  • Turtle - Viewing Room 3
  • Turtle - Viewing Room 5

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Reality House

Where Reality Meets Research®
Reality House Virtual Tour

Respondent Level

Client Level


Respondent Level

Many research projects may benefit from seeing and interacting with consumer’s in-context; in a natural environment, where they would typically use products. 

This said, INGATHER has a residential home that can be used for consumer insight. Literally, any product that is used within or outside a home can be tested and researched in a real, yet controlled, environment.

Room settings vary and are fully adaptable. Seat up to 12 Respondents.

  • Dinner Party Group - Political
  • DSC02892
  • Great Room 3
  • Great Room 4
  • Kitchen 2
  • Kitchen 3
  • Kitchen 5
  • Kitchen 7
  • Living Room 1
  • Living Room 4
  • Test Bath3
  • IMG_6678

Client Level

Not only does the Reality House provide the ideal environment for in-context research projects, but also onsite client viewing. An entire level of the Reality House is devoted for client viewing featuring a traditional viewing room with closed circuit video projected onto a 100” screen. The Client Level also boasts a full wet bar, pool table, darts, a pinball machine, full gym, and more. Don’t forget, you can always head to the back yard and enjoy one of Colorado’s 300+ days of sun a year and still watch your groups from the deck, pool, or hot tub!

Seat 20+ clients, inside or outside.

  • Client Level 4
  • Client Level 5
  • Client Level 6
  • Client Level 7
  • Client Level 8
  • Client Viewing Room 2
  • Client Viewing Room 4
  • Back Patio


Speaking of INGATHER’s outdoor space, don’t think for a second that this space is only for clients. Using INGATHER’s wireless camera technology, you can stage your groups in literally in any space on the property. Test out new automotive tools in our garage. Try out your latest basketball goals in the driveway. Play yard games with your respondents on the plush grass, or just sit back and relax by the pool with a glass of beer with your respondents. The in-context possibilities are endless!
  • Backyard 4
  • Backyard 6
  • Backyard 8
  • Backyard 11
  • Basketball Goals (1)
  • Basketball Goals (4)

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Recent Guests

INGATHER clients are some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Ingather Research
  • The consultant said, ‘as usual, Ingather continues to impress everyone.’ The clients were very impressed, and he was happy yet again.

    Hall & Partners

  • The facility was OUTSTANDING. I would highly recommend using them again – especially when they open up a similar location in downtown Denver.

    The facility is literally a big, suburban home and they use the entire space – even the pool for water-related research projects and the backyard where they have parties with “stations” where people walk around with food and drink to stations – and the clients can walk about and ask questions as well since everyone is casually dressed and unidentified.

    The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Overall, the recruit was good.  The respondents we got gave us quality information.

    The Pert Group

  • Thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality at the Reality House! This was truly one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve had in my 25+ years of doing focus groups! Congrats all around to all your staff that touched this project!

    Lifetime Products

  • Ingather is Denver’s best kept secret.
    Is there anything that you guys don’t have?  This place is like a Research Resort!

    Head of Innovation, Proctor & Gamble 

  • INGATHER is the best place to conduct research…I actually felt like I was in a real world environment and the data was crystal clear!


  • I just have to tell you that I’m sitting in a nondescript facility somewhere in the country wondering why I’ve sent the same email three times to make the same request because I have no idea who our host is.

    Your team has spoiled me too much and now I must face the harsh reality that every other facility pales in comparison.


  • We have had a WONDERFUL experience with your facility, everything from recruiting, to the hospitality of the front desk, to the quality of the respondents. And the facility, wow, we loved it!

    Thank you and the rest of the team for making it happen in such a short amount of time.

    The Link Group

  • Overall, I thought you did a great job covering everything we needed for the study. Also it was great that you made time to go over the test instructions with me so I could feel confident with the study execution.  In total, I feel that I can rely on you as a trusted partner to execute testing up to Tragon’s high quality standards. 


  • EXCELLENT NEWS!!!  I just heard from our moderator and she said that this is the BEST fieldwork she has been on (in terms of quality recruiting) EVER!   She is raving about how much she loves going to Denver, so I think she will be pushing clients back :)

    Everyone showed!  All was excellent!

    Thank you!

    The Sound Research