Fast, Cheap and Good

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  There’s an old adage that goes something li ke this: “You can get it fast, cheap and good.” Then the speaker adds, “But in reality you can only get two of the three.”  Wait! We want it all! Competition in the marketplace has become so unyielding that companies and market researchers are being pressed […]

Scouting The Illusive Hipsters And Other Subcultural Participants

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In the world of market research, we are frequently challenged with the task of recruiting participants who represent somewhat obscure subcultures. The term subculture is so broad it’s almost impossible to grasp. Within the United States there are thousands of qualifying subcultures. From huge subcultures such as the Christian community, to the minutia – annual […]

No More Head-Banging

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Since last August I’ve been writing blogs for INGATHER Research & Sensory™. The subjects I’ve covered have focused on market research topics and include a fair amount of my personal experiences and opinions along with additional contributor and relevant content. This edition of INGATHER’s blog is also market research driven, but in the spirit of […]

Customer Service Blog

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Not so long ago, within the memory of most of us, when you called a business or office someone, a real person, answered the phone. He or she would warmly answer along the lines of, “Thank you for calling Our Company. This is Chris, how can I help you?” Chris would listen to your request […]